The Assmann mill - Chronicle

We write the year 1563, as the old Assmann mill under the former name of a previous owner Trautzel, was first historically mentioned.

The mill stood under the Johannes Baptist Parish service commitment. The count Ferdinand von Herberstein became money for the keeper of parish goods. The Trautzel-mill had, as shown in old writings, in 1600 six millstones and a Prein mill.

Afterwards the mill was under the rule of Count of Herberstein, and received from her each year 22 Metzen (= Metzenzentner = 100 kg) grain and two Metzen Prein.

In the coming years, several owners changed until the year 1925, as the family of Francis and Eleonore Assmann acquired this mill.

In 1935 Komm.Rat Franz Assmann, born 1.10.1909, who bought already in 1937 the place on the railway, to build a new and modern company, overtook the company.

In the 1950s Komm. Rat Franz Assmann began with the construction of the new plant.

Since 1964 Komm.Rat Franz Assmann and Managing director, Gertrude Assmann, were in charge of the company.

February the 20st 1989 started production at the new site on the railway, Wienerstraße 32, A-2011 Sierndorf, district Korneuburg, and at the old place - Komm.Rat Franz Assmann road 58, A -2011 Sierndorf - production ended, the mill was closed.

From 1.7.1989 Franz Assmann, born 26.2.1962, and Gertrude Assmann, managing director, signed responsible for the enterprise and with 1.8.1989 Eleonore Rupprecht-Assmann entered into the company, responsible for finance and electronic data processing and since 1.2.1999 as managing director.

This is a modern, fully automated wheat and rye mill, with a milling capacity of 60 tons in 24 hours. 600 Tonnes of storage capacity in the flour silo, 10.000 tonnes in the two cereal silos. This mill is one of the 20 largest mills in Austria.

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